20+ years experience in Marketing, Communications, and Art Direction.

Applications: Microsoft Office, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Quark Xpress, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Electronic Publishing, Agility CMS, Blogging Software

Design: Art Direction, Annual Reports, Campaigns, Brand Management, Corporate Identity, Marketing Communications, Promotionals, Video, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Writing, Editing, Photoshoots, Product Development, Book Publishing, Electronic Publishing, Page Layout, Pagination, B2C Advertising, B2B Advertising, Concepting, Events, Infographics, Logo Design, Typography, Magazines, Newsletters, Labels, Packaging, Web Design, Production Design, Photo Manipulation, Color Correction, Vector Illustration

Competencies: Strategic, Conceptual, Innovative, Analysis, Proactive, Forecasting, Personal Growth, Critical Thinking, Attention to Detail, Collaboration, Self-Direction, Multi-Tasking, Organization, Time Management, Prioritization, Problem Solvingm, Accuracy, Accountability, Efficiency, Speed

Communication: Excellent written and verbal communications skills, strong presentation capabilities, develops business relationships through trust, values team environments that promote mutual respect and partnership across functions

Leadership: Values personal and career development of team members, belief in positive motivation and mentoring. Resolves conflicts rationally and effectively. Proficient in creative quality control and aligning with client strategy. Belief that open dialog and ability to express oneself creates sustainable solutions. Proficient in managing large scale projects within budget and time parameters

Industries Served

Consumer Brands
Automotive & Manufacturing
Architectural & Engineering
Restaurant & Hospitality
Non-profit & Organizations